Portable Refrigerator for Car, Cooler, Compressor, For Picnic, For Home, 15l


  • Portable Refrigerator for Car, Cooler, Compressor,
  • for picnic, for home, 15l
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Portable Refrigerator for Car, Cooler, Compressor, Picnic, Home, 15l Want to keep drinks cool on an outdoor trip? Go out for a while and there are foods that need to be stored in a refrigerator? This portable fridge will be your perfect choice, whether you're going on a picnic in the park or camping outside for a few days, this fridge will keep your food cool and your drinks cool. In addition, it can be used both in the car and at home. Features: Large capacity, up to 15L, can store about 20 cans of Cola (310ml)/12 bottles of water (550ml)/6 bottles of w-ine (750ml), you can also put fruits, vegetables, food and cosmetics in it. Fast refrigeration, can quickly freeze up to-20°C, with the LED digital panel to control the temperature. Reliable sealing, thick foam insulation and high density, continuously keeps your drinks and food cool and f-resh. Sturdy and practical design, shock resistant to protect s-afe refrigerator while driving on a bumpy road. Low noise and low power consumption, ensure a quiet and eco-friendly user experience. Voltage protection, does not affect normal driving. With portable handles on both sides, convenient to carry anywhere. Specifications: Material: PE (refrigerator lid) + PS (indoor) + PP (refrigerator body) Capacity: 15L Rated power: 45W Rated current: 3.4A Noise: 45db and under Voltage: D-C 12V/24V, AC 220V Refrigeration temperature: -20°C (ambient temperature: 25°C) Refrigeration temperature difference: 40-50°C Insulation layer: 40mm Temperature control: electronic LED digital display Indoor size: 350*246*186mm / 13.8*9.7*7,3 inches Outside size: 570*320*260mm / 22.4*12.6 * 10.2in Package size: 620*370*310mm / 24.4*14.6*12.2in Package weight: 9532g/21.9lb Packing list: 1 * Car Refrigerator 1 * Power cable  


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